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Job Title Trainee Traders Wanted
Employer Proptrade2 Ltd
Job Type Internship
Location London, UK
Industry Investment Banking
Experience 0-3 Years
Languages English
Deadline Monday 28th November 2016

Description I would like to introduce you to our programme specifically designed for those who may wish to follow a career in Trading and Finance or wish to learn more about Trading whatever degree subject they are taking We pay you to learn how to trade (depending on your success) Proptrade2 is the UK franchise of a global, boutique FX and CFD proprietary trading company that seeks to recruit, train and build a team of traders via our unique Trader Trainee Programme. We strive to assist traders from all over the world to become successful in the markets, to prove their trading skills and gain access to higher capital funding. Our Trader Trainee Programme is designed to help you become a successful proprietary trader without requiring you to invest your own trading capital. The approach of the Trader Trainee Programme is a great way to develop, test and verify your strategy in a safe environment. However, traders moving into a funded FX account face different pressures and challenges in the decision-making process, no matter the trader’s level of experience. This is why, when you have advanced to the Senior Trader level, you will be closely monitored by our Scout Team who manually verifythat traders follow a consistent and disciplined approach. During this review period, you will earn the guaranteed Dollar for Pips amount. At the end of your review period, you will be introduced to one of our equity partners. The review period offers you the chance to build your confidence, adjust to the pressures of closer evaluation and further test and demonstrate your strategies and decision-making processes. Please contact me on this email for further details and about our special student package Kind Regards Jeremy Pearlman Managing Director
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