Private Equity Case Study, Healthcare (take home, 48 HOURS)

The case study contains a case (6 pages), a worked out investment recommendation, a full LBO model and some guidance notes. THE FILE IS A ZIPX FILE CONTAINING THE INSTRUCTIONS, SOLUTIONS PPT, PDF AND LBO MODEL XLS.

Case excerpt:

Established in 1998 and headquartered in the UK, Vision Solution (“Vision”) is a leading retinal imaging company.  The company has a unique technology which allows rapid visualisation of the retina to capture the widest angle image of the retina available in a single shot. The image is used in the screening and diagnosis of various eye problems and a few other diseases. Approximately 3,000 devices are installed globally with the majority in North America. Vision has recently started broadening its product range through small acquisitions and partnerships. The founder of Vision, David Key is the CEO but is nearing retirement and the Venture Capital owners want to exit.


Create a brief Investment Recommendation that addresses:

a) How much are you willing to pay for this company?
b) What is the resulting IRR and multiple of capital that we would expect to realize as an equity investor? (make your own assumptions for the capital structure)
c) What are the key drivers for this valuation, and what assumptions have you made?
d) Identify the investment merits and investment risks (along with potential mitigating factors to the
investment risks)
e) What are the key questions you would seek to answer during due diligence (ranked in order of priority)?

Be prepared to present your analysis and conclusions at your next interview!

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