About Ask Ivy

Askivy is a recruitment and training platform for professionals in the investment banking, private equity and other investments roles.


Articles written by a team of industry professionals provide unbiased quality advice to help students and young professionals make the best career decisions irrespective of their nationality, academic of professional background

Interview guides, modelling tests and case studies are compiled by experienced professionals in the relevant fields and are designed to provide candidates with real life interview practice

Relevant jobs for candidates

The AskIvy job board is uniquely focused on jobs in investment banking, private equity, hedge fund, trading and venture capital for young professionals. Candidates can register and apply to relevant jobs, and can elect to be targeted by recruiters and companies anonymously on the basis of key criterias

Effective recruiting solutions for employers

The AskIvy job board allows recruiters and companies to target a highly focused, prepared and motivated candidate pool, increasing ROI. The platform allows companies and recruiters to push jobs to a subset of candidates based on specific criteria, and also features a powerful screening system to ensure high quality of applications.